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Sustainability Efforts

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ZeroWaste (002)

Strawberry Days has been striving to be a zero waste event since 2011.

COMPOSTING & RECYCLING are the next best personal steps at Strawberry Days. Please be part of the solution, not the problem, by assisting EverGreen ZeroWaste with proper sorting at waste stations!

Sort your waste in the well-marked containers at our waste stations where you will find friendly volunteers. Most everything you purchase from a food vendor goes in the green compost bins. All food scraps, utensils, plates, bowls, cups, and paper products are compostable.  ALL beer cups are COMPOSTABLE!

Keep scrolling to see our 2023 stats!

Drinking Water & Refilling Stations

Water Stations Map

We are thrilled to be offering water refilling stations! To continue our sustainability efforts, we no longer sell bottled water at the festival.  Please bring your reusable water bottles OR purchase a Strawberry Days reusable bottle at the information tent at the east entrance of Two Rivers Park. We will have several water refilling stations throughout the park. Please see the map for exact locations!

Proudly Supported by:

2023 Festival Resources Impact

Materials Recovered

2023 Event Recovered:
6,700 pounds of materials through recycling & composting
81% of all total discards!

Energy & Climate

2023 Event Saved:
158 Gallons of gasoline in energy savings
48,636 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions

Community Health

2023 Event Avoided:
44.9 pounds of air pollution
47.2 pounds of water pollution
43.6 pounds of toxic herbicides that threaten plants, wildlife, humans and our food systems.
6,811 pounds of substances that threaten human health, including carcinogens, particulate matter and volatile organic compounds