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ADA Information

We worked closely with Tim Burr from Return to Dirt to bring the best experience possible and manage expectations.


  • The park is 22 acres with a sidewalk that runs throughout.
  • The majority of arts and crafts vendors will be located along the sidewalk, on the grass.  To enter the booths, you would need to exit the sidewalk path.
  • Food vendors and main stage entertainment viewing are located in the outfield of the ball diamond on grass.  We have asked for the grass to be cut short to help with the movement of wheelchairs.
  • Parking in the Two Rivers Parking lot (west side of the park) is by permit only or for persons with disabilities with an identifying placard or license plate. ADA parking is limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis.  ADA Van Accessible spots are very limited, so please do not park in one unless needed.
  • We have ADA accessible restrooms available in the parking lot at the west entrance, and at the southwest entrance of the park.